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 Black List ~Scammers or more~ Put his name here

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Blade Dancer
Blade Dancer

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PostSubject: Black List ~Scammers or more~ Put his name here   Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:53 pm

This is my Black list of Scammers or people who hacks accounts etc. Note accounts cant be hacked.... this happens if you give away your password. Please include name of gamer and if you can the people who got scammed. This way we aware others to not trust this people even as friends. (Ill be adding the ones you guys post)

Scammer name first:
1. Tiidus - Party Thieve
2. Vin07 Vin04 Vin# (Scammer) - MerchantMagne
3. XxPunkxX (Bp lvl 118) (Scammer) - Stole everything from cristianoronald0 (Blade 109)
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Black List ~Scammers or more~ Put his name here
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