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 Vagrats trying to lvl up fast! (or slow ;)

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Death by Dark iLLusion
Death by Dark iLLusion

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PostSubject: Vagrats trying to lvl up fast! (or slow ;)   Sun Oct 05, 2008 6:19 pm

Ok here is a quick guide for all you people that make a character want to lvl up fast!
I will also include a guide for those that wish to take pride in a great game and enjoy all it has to offer Smile

Whether you do it fast or slow, remember to stop and ask someone what quest items you will need for your job change. It is easier to get them when you are lower lvl than it will be to get them when you are lvl 15. Start early and save yourself the trouble! For those that don't know what they need or can't find the help ingame, here is a guide:

10 Twinkle Stones (from Abiatt)
5 Peakygrinds (from Peakyturtle)
1 Slain (from Lawolfs)
10 Twinkle Stones (from Abiatt)
5 Chupin (from Pukepuke)
1 Poporam (from Dorydoma)
10 Twinkle Stons
5 Chupin (from Pukepuke)
1 Slain (from Lawolfs)
10 Forform (from Mushpang)
5 Peakygrind (from Peakyturtle)
1 Poporam (from Dorydoma)

Part 1 -- The fast way
You can make it from lvl1 to lvl 15 pretty fast if you follow this guide!
  • 1. No matter what you want you job to be, from lvl 1 to 15, put all stat points on str

  • 2. Stay at mobs that you can kill fast. Faster kill means faster exp.

  • 3. If you get buffed move on to bigger mobs, but don't waste time looking for RMs. They tend to be mean and rude in flaris.

  • 4. Use the drops that you get so you dont spend the little money you have.

  • 5. DO NOT put skill points on vagrant skills.

Part 2 -- Enjoy the Game
You will enjoy the game and get more out of Flyff by doing it this way! (RECOMMENDED)
  • 1. Put the points on str and dex. This will allow you to be more independent and have strong and agile hits.

  • 2. Train at mobs you can kill efficiently without buffs. Enjoy Flaris and its beauty.

  • 3. If you get buffed, don't loose track of your goals and agenda.

  • 4. Still use drops that you get and don't buy as you will need the penya later.

  • 5. Take the time to do the quests from the quest lady. They are fun and enjoyable. They also help with penya.

  • 6. DO NOT put skill points on vagrant skills!

The benefit of doing it slow is that it will give you insight into the mechanics of the game and experience gains. Getting exp fast is fun and will thrill you at first, but then, when you lvl up higher, you will be disappointed and discouraged with the game. The slow method will somewhat prepare you for whats in store and besides, WHATS THE RUSH! You will get to where you want to be eventually Smile For now, enjoy the game, make friends, and enjoy being low lvl while you can! I know I did Smile

Once you reach lvl 15 and do your first job change, you will be happy you have the added skill points you didn't waste on vagrant skills. Also, all your stat points will be reset to 15/15/15/15. You will also have made it to your first job change in a very timely manner!

Hope this all helps, feel free to ask questions, and stay tuned I will be writing similar guides for lvling up to your second job change in timely fashions too. Just post what you are, what stats you have, and what you wish to be. I'll try to give my best input into this, if not, there is another great pro that can help on this site, hehe.
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Baby panda

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PostSubject: Re: Vagrats trying to lvl up fast! (or slow ;)   Sun Nov 23, 2008 1:33 am

i made an assist and i dident have to get those flower FLOWER :O
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panada lover

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PostSubject: Re: Vagrats trying to lvl up fast! (or slow ;)   Sun Nov 23, 2008 1:12 pm

Same i just had to get the forforum. lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! sunny
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PostSubject: Re: Vagrats trying to lvl up fast! (or slow ;)   Mon May 04, 2009 1:26 am

prince is living in v7 cyclops
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PostSubject: Re: Vagrats trying to lvl up fast! (or slow ;)   

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Vagrats trying to lvl up fast! (or slow ;)
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